Vlog: A Day in the Life of a Missionary Doctor on Call

Check out the video below!

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  1. Andrea horazdovsky Avatar
    Andrea horazdovsky

    Sending love to your family. We are at SP orientation this week. Fun to see your day in the life. Beautiful work your family is doing.
    For Him,
    Andrea and Ryan Horazdovsky

  2. Jordyn Esselman Avatar
    Jordyn Esselman

    Very cool day video, for some reason clicked on your blog bookmark today. Loved the update!! Hope your family is doing well!! Mayo misses you!

  3. Susan Driskell Avatar

    I look forward to your videos and seeing the wonderful, HARD work you’re doing, seeing Genae adapting to the culture, land and BUGS, and watching the kids thoroughly enjoying every new experience there. It’s a beautiful sight and I’m so proud of the representation y’all are of true Christian love and care. 🙌And the receiving of pure Christian love from the beautiful people of PNG. God bless you ALL!! Say “HI!” to all the kids, please!😁 Big hugs!🤗 Love you all and praying for you.❤️ Susan Driskell

    1. Jake Avatar

      Thank you, Susan! We appreciate the encouragement and your prayers! We hope you are doing well!!!

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