Adventures in PNG Vlog!

We spend a lot of time working in the hospital and at home, but we have still had some time for some fun adventures in PNG! Our favorite was spending a week in a village called Kawi.

Check out this month’s Vlog for some adventures in PNG!

4 responses to “Adventures in PNG Vlog!”

  1. Norma Avatar

    What an amazing adventure, you two are such a blessing. The experience your children are experiencing will stay with them for ever. God Bless you all, thoughts and prayers.

    1. Jake Avatar

      Thank you for your prayers! The kids do seem to love it here and we are very grateful for that.

  2. Trish Morris Avatar
    Trish Morris

    I loved the video. It was if we were there with you. The people seem so caring and truly eager to include you in their daily lives. God is blessing them as He blesses you.

    1. Jake Avatar

      Thank you Trish and Danny! The people here are very caring and generous. Every day in clinic I have people who are so kind and grateful, even if we sometimes don’t have a lot to offer medically. We have felt the love of the community here. We miss you all and hope you are doing well!

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