Our Journey to PNG in Video!

Ever wonder what it looks like to travel across the world with six young kids? Check out the video of our journey and our first week in PNG!

5 responses to “Our Journey to PNG in Video!”

  1. Katie Lafans Avatar
    Katie Lafans

    Glad you guys made it safely. Bummed I missed your going away get together. So fun to see what you guys are up to! Take care!

  2. Gail Avatar

    Morris family!! So exciting!! We lived in Kudjip for 16 years! Welcome tot he family. Praying for you all!!

  3. Emily Bailey Avatar
    Emily Bailey

    God be with y’all!❤️🙏from Alabama!

  4. Richard McCain Avatar

    Heavenly Father I thank you for this man of God and his desire to fulfill the great commission. I ask that you would refresh them from a long journey and anoint their entry into a new culture. I know they will be a winsome witness for the gospel. I pray you would put a protective hedge of angels around them. I pray you would give them facility in language acquisition, unity, health, and a sweet visitation and presence of your holy Spirit as they carry the gospel into this country. In Christ’s name. Rick and Cindi McCain

    1. Jake Avatar

      Thank you Rick and Cindi! We miss you guys and are grateful for your prayers. I hope we can connect again at a CMDA conference in the future. God bless!

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